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How claims work

Making a legal claim for healthcare compensation

To start your claim for medical negligence compensation, your solicitor will gather proof, such as your medical records and reports from health experts.

If they believe that you’ve been the victim of medical negligence, your solicitor will review the evidence with you and explain the next steps. They can then start a claim against the healthcare provider on your behalf.

The amount of time a claim takes then depends on whether the hospital or professional admits to their mistakes and whether they offer a fair amount of compensation for your medical injury.

Very few medical negligence claims actually go all the way to court – in most cases, the NHS will offer reasonable compensation before the case gets that far.

How much medical negligence compensation is the right amount is something your solicitor helps you to assess. They can draw on years of experience as well as knowledge of other medical legal cases to advise you.

In short, having an experienced and knowledgeable medical negligence solicitor on your side will make your claim much less stressful and ensure you get the full amount of compensation that you’re entitled to.

Taking action

Our solicitors are experienced in making healthcare compensation claims. We work sensitively and compassionately with our clients to understand their needs and will fight tirelessly to win you the compensation you deserve.

To find out how much your claim could be worth, try out our online claims calculator. Or to start your compensation claim now, call us on 0117 992 8900 or complete our online contact form for a free, no-obligation consultation.